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Our care is...

  • Evidence-based neurological and scientific- Only physicians who understand and apply functional neurology can truly address a neurological condition such as a concussion.
  • Multifaceted- Any physician who understands concussions will tell you that a multifaceted approach for pre- and post assessments is the optimal way to care for athletes.
  • Brain-based- Our approach provides brain-based and neuroprotective therapy to protect and restore the brain.
  • Method- We provide a systematic and evidence-based method to decreasing secondary concussive syndrome.
  • Protective- We help counteract and monitor any neurogenic deficiencies such as behavioral disorders caused by mild traumatic brain injury.
  • Individualized- After initial injury and initial care, our concussion care is individualized to ensure each athlete returns to his or her respective brain profile or better.

We provide care before a concussion, care after a concussion, and care for concussion symptoms.

Our care is NOT...

  • a cure
  • a magic bullet
  • cookie cutter 
  • one-time visit
  • an adjustment
Biodex Concussion Care