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IPP (Integrated Practice Protocol) is personalized exercise therapy that builds the functionality of different perceptual functions. Without sensory integration, the way many struggling students take in information is garbled, scrambled, or confused. Sometimes the root problem of a slow learner is that the visual or auditory processing functions are not nurtured or properly developed. IPP includes personalized vision and auditory components, so that we do not simply diagnose a problem, we help correct it.

 At ProNeuro Health Brain and Wellness Center, formerly known as MindMenders Clinic, we use the IPP program to screen and/or address underlying physiological processes that keep the brain from cognitive development. IPP exercises address the underlying causes of leaning problems such as dyslexia, eye problems, balance, proprioceptive concerns, auditory processing deficiencies, ADD/ADHD, and more.

IPP exercises are part of functional neurology that utilize the body to spark the brain to learn!

We can help all ages, call us today (972) 479-5179