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Lead Therapists

We currently have two full-time lead therapists on staff. Read below to learn more and connect with the Melissa Kinder and Linda Aigner. Our Therapists have the experience, the knowledge, and the skills to help you. Don’t wait! Don’t live in pain. Move towards good health and fitness. Call us today because they can help.

Melissa Kinder- I truly believe that every incredible therapist has experienced some traumatic experience either emotionally or physically.

As for me, it was physical. A car accident caused me to spend three months in the hospital due to several injuries including breaking my pelvis (an open book fracture), both femurs, and my lower organs forefully shoved into my heart; the organ movement required two corrective surgeries.

Though this is and was a traumatic experience for me, I would not trade it for anything. At the time of the incident, I would ask, "Why me?" But I have that answer now. I have always enjoyed helping people, but I experiencing the need for years of help myself, now I can pour into my clients and restore them the way so many others helped me.

I have learned to walk, talk, and breath again. This was exceptionally difficult as an adult because you learn differently than as a child who is learning these skills as a natural part of their development. They say that you abuse your body for 30 years, and then you spend the next 30 trying to repair it. Mine was vehicle abuse, but it gave me a gift to help those who are injured and to inspire those who cannot see past their physical impairments.

You can breath, I am physically and mentally well again. I focus on serving others and I thire seein others destress, detoxify, and breathe again after my care.

Even months after the car accident, I struggled  even getting into school. The administrators were cautious and worried I was not going to be able to do the work as this is a very physical profession! However, a single instructor believed I could do it with teh knowledge that massage would truly help me out as well.

She was right and I spent three months in school receiving both the good and the bad student massages.Yet I healed faster and better than my doctors ever expected. My receovery helped me experience and understand how powerful touch truly is. I am a Christian and I believe God did this to me so I could have the strength to show and teach others.

So here I am sharing my story, pain, knowledge, experience, and now the gift of mending touch with others. I have been there, and I have been helped with the very same techniques I use today. I believe in them, I trust them, and I do what I can to share them with others. Let me share them with you!

Linda Aigner

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years in some way, shape, or form. I have worked in health clubs, spas, hospital based facilities, and private training studios. I have folded towels, sold memberships, managed clubs and taught classes. I have pretty much done everything except own one!

I absolutely love helping people! I get excited when they reach their goals! Especially when I’ve helped in some way or another. Now through Massage Therapy I can offer my assistance even more. People always are asking me how to help this, or stretch that; how to make this quit hurting, or what do I think happened to cause this issue…And now that I have a license to touch them, I can make an even bigger impact towards helping them heal and/or stop hurting.

Even though I am new to being a Licensed Massage Therapist, I am not new to bodies and their hurts and hang-ups! I have a degree in Psychology, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Baylor; I have taught some type of fitness class since 1980s, and I have had and maintain many other certifications as well. I have seen so many different types of injuries through work and through my own experiences as both a soccer player and coach that I am confident in my abilities to help you.

After receiving my basic license, I immediately signed up to continue my massage education by enrolling in two different Medical Massage Certification courses, each with 250 additional classroom hours plus internship. I’ll be finishing these in the Spring of 2012. Then, I plan on acquiring the Sports Massage Certification and International Reflexology Certification as well.

You see, anyone can go get a spa-style relaxation massage. What I’m specifically interested in is to help you improve the quality of your life; to help you live your life pain-free so you can get on with what’s important to you, not what’s slowing you down. It’s called ʻResults Oriented Massage.ʼ I want to help your body heal itself and move towards good health and fitness.